The Lehigh and Hudson River Railway

A personal scrapbook


March 31, 1976; the eve of 'C-day', when most railroading in the Northeast became Conrail.

In the early evening, the nightly NE-3 (the 'Phillipsburg turn') awaits its Form 19 authorization to depart Warwick.

When the crew returned to Warwick, after midnight, they were Conrail employees; the Lehigh and Hudson River Railway had passed into history after more than a century of service.

The interested fan talking to engineer Jim Rader is Bob Mohowski- one of only three present to record the start of the L&HR's last run.

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I'm Marty Feldner ; I was born, raised, and live in Warwick, New York.

Since about the age of three, I've lived within earshot of the Lehigh and Hudson River Railway and it's successors (or closer- for about the last twenty years, a lot closer). Some of my earliest (dim, by now) visual memories are of the end of steam on the L&HR.

I've been hooked ever since.

This site aims to be a compilation of some of what I have acquired (accumulated?) over the years; old photos, papers, artifacts, photos I have taken...

And, of course, memories.

Presented in a scrapbook format, hopefully somewhat organized.

It in no way purports to be a complete history, or comprehensive coverage of, the L&HR- others are much more qualified to fill those roles.

From the beginnings of what was to become the L&HR, in 1860, Warwick was it's home. Headquarters, offices, main classification yards, and on-line servicing facilities- all were in various locations in the village for the life of the railroad.

For nearly a century, it was the largest employer in town- everyone from engine wipers and track laborers up to the executive officers.

And, it was a busy railroad for most of it's life. At times (World War II, New York harbor strikes, line closures for whatever reason on other roads feeding the Maybrook yard), very busy.

What's Inside...

A few links to other related sites on the Web that I like. Some can be considered to be associated with the L&HR, or associated with competing or connecting railroads. Some I have contributed to in some way. Others are just personal favorites.

This website owes a lot to others, and they deserve thanks.

First, and foremost, my late father, George Feldner . Thanks to him, I was destined to be a railfan and have a primary interest in the L&HR. He grew up in Chester, N.Y., just a short bike ride from the L&HR's Greycourt station. Born in the Bronx, his father had indoctrinated him with childhood visits to watch operations at the CNJ's Harlem River yard (and, he could watch the New York, Westchester and Boston from his sixth grade classroom window).

Longtime friend Ed Crist is 'the source'. We spent many hours in the late sixties in the main reading room of the New York Public Library, going through Railway Gazettes catalogueing all manner of drawings. During the seventies, he was a 'car knocker' in the L&HR's Warwick shops, on the swing shift. Many more evening hours were spent there, nosing around the shops and yards. If I have a question (for example- where was 'Seely's Curve?'), I ask Ed. And get an answer. He's also responsible for my interest in the Ontario & Western- but that's another story.

Jeff Sumberg , thanks to the 'Web', has become a good friend. He has become one of my "computer guru's" (everybody has one, or should). We share many interests.

'Skip' Green supplied photos that he'd collected of the L&HR. He comes from a long line of Lehigh and Hudson employees.

Larry Parkin and Larry Parkin (father and son). Avid collectors, they've supplied access to their collections.

And, the many L&HR; veterans who have used me as a 'trash bin' (I volunteered for the duty) for their 'attic' collections over the years.

Thanks to all!

Unless otherwise noted, all images are either taken by by me, or are from my collection.

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