A Lehigh and Hudson River Railway Scrapbook

The Lehigh and Hudson River Railway

"Delaware & Hudson 302"

Seven more pictures of Reading T-1 #2102, disguised as D&H 302, stored at Warwick over the winter of 1973-1974.

302cab The Engineer's side, and cab.

side The 302 and its auxiliary tender, in front of the lumber shed.

link Engineer's side, valve gear and running gear. The L&HR's office building is in the left background.

drivers A close-up of the drivers, rods, and Walschearts link; engineer's side.

left3/4 Fireman's side, with the added 'elephant ears'; similar to, but larger than, those on the L&HR's 10 class steamers.

right3/4 Engineer's side. The L&HR's flanger 105 and at least one caboose have been parked behind the 302. In addition to the 'elephant ears', note the D&H style recessed headlight and number boards.

face A Reading face masquarading as a Delaware & Hudson face. This shows the inside of the smoke deflectors. At speed, air was trapped between them and the smokebox, where angled channels forced the air upward. This in turn 'lifted' the smoke coming from the stack, forcing it up and away from the top of the engine and train.

The brackets sticking up on either side of the bell held the distinctive D&H 'frog eye' marker lights. The class lights themselves had been removed to a safe place during the 'wintering over'; chances are they would have grown legs and 'walked' if they'd been left in place.

Another small cosmetic change was replacing the Reading's rounded air compressor shields with angular shields to match D&H practice.