The Lehigh and Hudson River Railway

Motorcar M-1

M-1 Motorcar M-1, the L&HR's short-lived and ill-fated attempt to cut passenger service costs.

By the twenties, there was only one passenger (by then, a mixed) train a day running the length of the line, numbers 3 and 8 between Maybrook and Easton. In late 1928, the Lehigh and Hudson bought this self-propelled 'doodlebug' car brom the J. G. Brill company to replace the steam-powered train; it was put in service November 4th, '28.

Though appaerntly successful, it only lasted for two and a half years. In May of 1931, it was hit by a truck at Mulfords, just below Sparta Junction. M-1's gas tank caught fire and completely destoyed the car (the accident merited a full page illustrated article in the New York Daily News). The M-1 wasn't replaced (I have heard that the railroad had never insured it), and No.'s 3 and 8 reverted to conventional steam-powered trains. By May of 1934 all passenger service between Warwick and Easton was discontinued, leaving only local service from Warwick to Greycourt. That would come to an end in July of 1939 when the L&HR would exit the passenger business entirely.